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Live Shortwave Radio Streams Online

The following subpages are organized by language. IF a stream is broadcast in several languages in the SAME stream it will be placed in the multi-language page. I may also place the stream in the individual language pages as well with a note that only a portion of the schedule is in the given language. You will need to check the broadcasters web site schedule to know what time of day each language is broadcast.

Most international broadcasters use several different languages for their shows in an effort to get their message to as large an audience as possible. Many times it’s simply the languages in the region that they exist. (Radio Australia for instance targets the South Pacific languages, but not European languages.) Usually the native language broadcast is considered for expatriates abroad or for their own citizens that might be able to tune in the broadcast.

Few broadcasters though have the resources to maintain multiple continuous live streams and so many of these streams come and go at various times of day. If you try to access a stream and get “dead air”, try it at other times of day or check the schedule of the broadcaster to see when their content is broadcast. Usually if a broadcaster has a live stream it will cycle through several languages throughout the day.

In many parts of the world receiving news via shortwave radio is still the best, cheapest access to information available.

Spanish Language Shortwave Radio Streams

English Language Shortwave Radio Streams

French Language Live Shortwave Radio Streams

Italian Language Shortwave Radio Streams

German Language Shortwave Radio Streams

Indonesian Language Shortwave Radio Streams

Portuguese Language Shortwave Radio Streams

Swahili Shortwave Radio Streams

Multi-Language Live Shortwave Radio Streams

One good resource for terrestrial radio streams is They have a good breakdown by country, including some international (shortwave) broadcasters. In some cases I have “bent” the rules here a bit including terrestrial and not shortwave broadcasters in the live (and on demand) categories.

The following page is a great listing of international broadcasters which have sites online.

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