Large, Stinky Flower Blooming – Live streaming in HD

Thank GOODNESS we don’t have a “smell” feed for this one. The Corpse flower is world renowned for the huge size of it’s blooms. (A blossom is approximately 6 feet tall and grows at the rate of an inch per hour.) It’s also known to only bloom once every 6 years. It also STINKS. That’s why they call it the corpse flower. So, be thankful that this flower (which is growing at the Milwaukee Public Museum) is available to see in streaming HD here (uses vlc) (although this has just hit the front of slashdot – so their video server could be a steaming pile of slag now…) If you can’t get the video stream – you can at least take a look at the auto-refreshing still photos. The stench of the flower when it blooms can be smelled for miles. This is apparently the first blooming for the plant at the Milwaukee Public Museum and it is also known as Titan Arum or Amorphophallus titanum. The flower is indigenous to Sumatra and grows at the edge of rainforests.

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