Israel Radio International – Radio Kol Israel

Israel Radio International is the official “Voice of Israel” known as Kol Israel. They’ve been broadcasting as such since 1948. There are a number of feeds a wide range of languages. Some of the stations in Israel are targetted towards newcomers and that covers a wide variety of language content. is a rotating stream in several languages. This is the live re-broadcast of FM 88.2 in Jerusalem.

Second stream, which is known as REQA, rotating through many languages. This is a domestic broadcast for newcomers.

More details and

Shortwave schedule

The 2000 UTC English news update can be found at (via WRN)

And here is the 0430 UTC English news update… pnm://

The most recent English news broadcast can be found at ,
The most recent French news broadcast can be found at , and the most recent Spanish language news update can be found at . You may hear the tail end of an earlier broadcast at the beginning of the above link’s audio clips.

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